The treatments of Henriëtte Faroche can be completely adapted to your skin type. It is important that the skin is given step by step its perfect condition. You can easily do this by following the treatment plan of Henriëtte Faroche with your Henriëtte Faroche Beautician.

Henriëtte Faroche has a variety of treatments that can be tailored to the needs of the skin. As a result, your beautician has an unlimited choice of treatments.

For the best results, we advise you to use the corresponding products at home, so that you will have an even better and longer-lasting result from your treatments.

The treatments of Henriëtte Faroche can be divided into different skin types, namely:

Dehydrated and dry skin

Dehydrated and dry skin

Characteristics of the dehydrated skin/dry skin

  • Fine, barely visible pores.
  • The skin quickly shows a tight feeling.
  • The skin has a matte, smooth surface.
  • A thin outer layer of skin, therefore, has little resistance to external influences.
  • Due to its low ability to retain moisture, the outer skin layer quickly becomes dehydrated.

In the case of dehydrated skin, the thin outer skin layer is unable to retain water, which means that it is always dehydrated.

Dry skin looks matt, sometimes even scaly and when applying make-up, drier wrinkles often become more visible. The skin has a shortage of sebum.

The production of sebum is a natural process. Dry skin produces less sebum than oily skin.


The Hydrasence series is suitable for dry to very dry skin.

Collastine 24-hour, collagen-based cream for dry skin.

Active Age Anti-rides

Active Age Anti-rides is a series based on ceramides. Ceramides are skin-proper carriers with different properties.

  • A ceramide extracts moisture from the subcutaneous connective tissue and releases it to the skin layers above. This makes the Active Age series extremely suitable for dehydrated skin.

This ceramide line is specifically intended for dry/sensitive, mature skin.


Sensitive Skin

The Sensitive Skin

Characteristics of sensitive skin

  • Fine, barely visible pores.
  • The skin feels tight.
  • Insufficient protection against free radicals.
  • The skin quickly shows an irritated appearance.

Sensitive skin reacts more intensely than usual to external influences. Sensitive skin is characterised by its thin and fine structure. Sensitive skin is often accompanied by dry skin, because the protective layer of grease is reduced. This skin barrier usually stops irritants. Sensitive skin must be protected against these external influences. Think of the sun, heat, cold, dry air, air pollution and many other factors and influences.

Sensitive skin can also occur when the skin’s immune response is temporarily disturbed. As a result, the skin temporarily has a lower resistance to external influences.


The Sensilence series is specific for sensitive skin.

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Oily and combined skin

Oily and combined skin

Characteristics of oily and combined skin

  • Clearly visible, dilated pores accompanied by blackheads and pimples.
  • There is a greasy film on the face which makes the skin shine.
  • Due to a thick epidermis, the blood circulation of the skin is poorly visible, so that a pale skin colour is visible.
  • It is difficult for make-up to stay in place.

Oily skin is common, especially in young people. The sebaceous glands of this skin type are too active, so too much sebum is produced. The sebum, together with sweat and lipids of the skin, creates a shiny oily layer.


The Farorisan cream is specifically designed for mature, dull skin which may show some blockages here and there due to hormonal factors, for example. The fruit acids in this cream improve the skin condition and hydration. Cell renewal is stimulated so that subcutaneous blockages are removed more quickly. Also suitable for acne skin.

The Matifiante series has been specially developed for oily/blemished skin.


Ref. 11025 Matifiante Tonic

Mature Skin

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For the Mature Skin

Characteristics of the mature skin

  • Wrinkles become visible and crow’s feet appear around the eyes and mouth.
  • The skin begins to sag.
  • The jaw contour becomes less tight because the skin of the cheeks will sink.
  • The eyelids and the eyebrows will lower.
  • The skin in the neck slackens.
  • Pigment spots become visible.
  • The skin often shows telangiectasias/rosacea. These are permanent dilations of the superficial blood vessels. These blood vessels appear as fine red threads through the skin.
  • This skin often has a low ability to retain moisture, so the skin is quickly dehydrated.

Up to the age of about 25, your skin is at its best. The skin then has a rapid cell division and is firm and elastic. After the age of 25, skin ageing slowly begins to make its appearance. The first signs of skin ageing, in the form of fine lines, are often seen around the eyes.

As we get older, our cell division slows down. The slower the cell division, the slower the skin can recover, so the faster the skin ages. Over time, less sebum is produced and the blood circulation and skin cell activity slow down. This makes it more difficult for the skin to retain moisture and dispose of waste products.

So you can’t start your own beauty ritual of good cleansing and care early enough to slow down the skin-ageing processes.

Specially tailored to the needs of the skin, anti-ageing facial care supports the skin in its natural recovery. At the same time, the skin is specifically cared for with active ingredients.

An anti-ageing treatment strengthens the skin and helps protect it from environmental damage.


The Collastine series based on collagen is suitable for the skin with the first signs of sagging. There is a cream for dry skin and a cream for oily skin.

For mature skin and skin that needs more care, there is the Brilliant series, enriched with vitamin E. Vitamin E is known as grease and moisture regulating. Combats the influence of the harmful effects of free radicals.

Active Age Anti-rides
Active Age Anti-rides is a series based on ceramides. Ceramides are skin-proper carriers with different properties.

  • Ceramide extracts moisture from the subcutaneous connective tissue and releases it to the skin layers above. This makes the Active Age series extremely suitable for dehydrated skin.
  • As our skin ages, spaces are created between our cells, causing the skin surface to look irregular. Ceramides ensure that these spaces are refilled.
  • As the skin’s own carrier, a ceramide stimulates the production of collagen. This makes the skin look tighter and younger after an intensive treatment.

This ceramide line is specifically intended for dry/sensitive, mature skin.

Caviar Derma Concept
Caviar Derma Concept is an innovative anti-ageing series in which ingredients are used as caviar. Extremely suitable for dehydrated, thin, ageing and tired skin.

Extra Skin Care

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Extra Skin Care

Sometimes your skin needs extra care. A little extra care for your skin at specific times or just in general. Intensify your daily beauty routine by using a moisturizing mask, for example.



The products of the Intense series have been specially developed to give the skin an extra stimulus. This series consists of various masks, ampoules, an eye gel and an eye roller. Each product has its own added value and will ensure that the skin is optimally stimulated.


Salon treatment

In addition to all products for home care, Henriëtte Faroche also has Salon Treatment per series.

A treatment in the salon will be completely tailored to your wishes and your skin.

Protect Your Skin

Protect your skin

Your skin has many functions. One of the biggest is to protect you. Your skin forms a barrier against the outside world. Your skin regulates water and salts, so that there is a stable level in your body. On the other hand, it prevents water and harmful substances from penetrating the skin. The corneous layer (epidermis) is particularly important for this. It forms a barrier against harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi so that they cannot just penetrate.

Pigment (melanin) in your skin protects against damage caused by UV rays from the sun. The pigment lies like a protective cap over the skin cells and absorbs the UV radiation. Eventually, the skin becomes thicker as a reaction to sunlight.

The skin contains elastic fibres that protect against bumps and stretching, among other things. The greasy layer in the skin also has a protective effect.

Through your skin you can keep your body temperature constant. If there is too much heat, you will sweat and the blood vessels in the skin will open and give off your radiant heat. The opposite happens if your temperature is too low. Then the blood vessels squeeze together, you sweat less, and your hairs stand up, i.e. goosebumps.

In addition, the skin is a sensory organ and, in addition to warmth and cold, you also feel pressure, pain and touch.
With the help of sunlight, vitamin D is produced in the skin.

Your skin is a form of a business card. Through your skin you can express yourself to the outside world, but you are also judged on it. Think of tattoos, piercings, but also various skin disorders such as hair loss, acne or eczema. They can all influence life.

So take good care of your skin, protect it because it protects you.


The Brilliant series, enriched with vitamin E, has a grease and moisture regulating effect. Brilliant is suitable for skin that is very sensitive to atmospheric influences such as sun, wind and cold, but also for soap and alcohol.

Vitamine C
Vitamin C helps to stimulate collagen formation and has a vitalising effect.

Soleil intensif
Today, good UV protection for the skin is more important than ever. That is why the Soleil Intensif should not be missed as a series of Henriëtte Faroche. The Soleil intensif contains intensive care ingredients and protection against harmful UV-A and UV-B radiation.

Soleil Intensif