More mature skin shows the first signs of sagging due to reduced presence of collagen and elastin. This slackening can start as early as the age of 25. The slackening can occur in dry/sensitive skin as well as in mixed/oily skin. With early treatment, the wrinkle formation can be slowed down.

For home use, the series consists of a 24-hour cream for dry/sensitive skin or a 24-hour cream for mixed/oily skin.


Collastine salon facial treatment; level 2 optimised  treatment

This treatment for mature skin has a constructive effect, ensuring that the collagen makes the skin supple and resilient again. With early treatment, the formation of wrinkles can be considerably slowed down and existing wrinkles can be softened. The face regains elasticity and the complexion becomes radiant.


Henriëtte Faroche Collastine producten voor thuisgebruik

  • 24h cream - dry skin
  • 24h cream - oily skin
Henriëtte Faroche Collastine
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Henriëtte Faroche Collastine
Ref. 11225-Collastine-24h-cream
Henriëtte Faroche Collastine