Ref. 11240 Active Age 24h Hydrating cream


Henriëtte Faroche has a cream for every skin type. Through the different series of products aimed at a specific skin type, everything has been thought of.

  • Dry and dehydrated skin: Hydrasence, Collastine, Active Age anti-rides
  • Sensitive skin: Sensilence
  • Mature skin: Collastine, Brilliant, Active Age anti-rides, Caviar Derma Concept, Soleil intensief
  • Oily and combined skin: Matifiante, Farorisan

Henriëtte Faroche has 24-hour creams. A 24-hour cream has all the advantages of an ordinary day cream and can be applied both in the morning and in the evening. Another big advantage is that you only need to buy 1 cream. Because you use it both in the morning and in the evening, it is used more often so you will not have an ‘old’ cream. Apply the 24-hour cream of your choice after cleansing your face so that the active ingredients are more effective.


Henriëtte Faroche 24-hour creams

  • Hydrasence 24h Cream - Dry skin
  • Matifiante 24h Cream - Oily skin
  • Sensilence 24h Cream - Sensitive skin
  • Collastine 24h Cream – Dry skin
  • Collastine 24h Cream – Oily skin
  • Hyposence 24h Cream – Sensitive skin
  • Brilliant 24h Vitamin E cream – Devitalised skin
  • Farorisan 24h AHA cream – Tired skin
  • Active Age anti-rides 24h Hydrating cream – Dry skin
  • Active Age anti-rides 24h Anti-ageing cream – Tired skin
  • Vitamine C 24 h Anti-tiredness cream – All skin types
  • Caviar Derma Concept 24h retexturizing booster cream – Mature skin


  • Intense Protecting SPF 30 cream - Anti-ageing
  • Soleil intensief SPF 50+ - Very high protection

The SPF creams do not carry the predicate 24-hour cream but should certainly not be forgotten! Every skin benefits from good sun protection. In addition to its high protection, these creams have a moisturising and nourishing effect. The extra advantage of these creams is their anti-ageing formula. This makes them an absolutely perfect face cream for daily use.