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Distributors are the link between us as a manufacturer and the beauticians with their customers worldwide.

Henriëtte Faroche – a brand of Dancohr Corporation B.V. – is a professional skin care line, manufactured in the Netherlands and available in a growing number of countries worldwide.

In 1991 the brand Henriëtte Faroche was born when the brand started as a mail order company for end customers. High quality products for a very good price. But soon the strategy changed from mail order brand to another target audience. Salon size products were added and a new complete professional skin care line was born.

Dancohr Corporation

Our company is one of the biggest and leading manufacturers in Northern Europe for professional skin care, make-up, podiatry and salon equipment. We develop, produce and sell our products since 1975 with a worldwide export to more than 40 countries.


The Dancohr brands in a row:

Lanèche - skin care with it’s unique Beauty Innovation Treatment Program
Heniëtte Faroche - skin care inspired by nature and science
Courtin - skin and foot care with Tea tree oil
Pui Pui - professional make-up
Jumères - men skin care


Why become a Henriëtte Faroche Distributor

Some of your profits as a Henriëtte Faroche Distributor:

  • Attractive dealer discount and good margins
  • Excellent price/quality ratio
  • Professional Henriëtte Faroche product training
  • Annual meetings
  • Marketing support
  • Exclusivity in your country
  • Easy 24/7 web shop ordering
  • Product novelties on a regular base
  • Newsletters from the Henriëtte Faroche brand management
  • Personal support and close collaboration on all aspects as sales, marketing, training, product registration and more


Danchohr Corporation. B.V.

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Henriëtte Faroche De kracht van de natuur

Henriëtte Faroche - The Natural Chemistry of Beauty


Who are we?

We are a professional Dutch skincare brand, inspired by nature and science. The driving force behind Henriëtte Faroche is the deep knowledge of the skin and clear understanding of the ways to make it look better. Our knowledge is supported by the impressive scientific achievements of our country. The science of cultivation and processing plants into powerful active organic formulations.

Henriëtte Faroche looks back on many years of skin care experience. All our distributors are seen as our partners and we are proud of our close corporation and personal contact with every single one of them.

We work with distribution agreements, which guarantee exclusive sales rights in a certain country or region.

Our professional team supports you on all aspects to become a successful Henriëtte Faroche dealer in your market.


Our Innovation:

“The science of plants and smart natural ingredients combined with the latest and most modern insights into skin care.”

Ramon Spitters
CEO Dancohr Corporation

We believe in a holistic approach to skincare. Holistic skincare is the philosophy of treating the skin both from the in- and outside. Henriëtte Faroche reaches the highest level of beauty thanks to the interaction of skin, mind and spirit.

Philosophy of Henriëtte Faroche


Looking at our cheerful bottles you would never say how much work lies behind our products. Creating our formulations involves serious, highly advanced science.

We always work in two main directions:
• To enhance the active ingredients and properties of our natural substances with the latest scientific technologies;
• To make our formulations as clean as possible. We believe that not all the chemical ingredients are good for our skin. We use only safe and proven ingredients, that our skin actually needs.


The Netherlands is the world’s number one in producing and exporting plants. Yes, we know all about plants and beauty. We devote every day of our work to discovering new natural ingredients with amazing properties, and searching the ways to get the best out of them in our formulations.

In a world full of excessive chemicals, we are inspired by giving you the opportunity to enjoy our skin care products based on natural super effective ingredients. Natural oils, plant extracts, herbs and vitamins – we make them all work for the beauty and health of your skin.


“In an age of constant pressure and lack of time, it is now more important than ever to uplift and inspire the clients, while making their skin better. All the elements of our brand are so carefully designed to make the women feel great about themselves. Our velvety gentle formulations, subtle delicate fragrances, and youthful, bright, cheerful designs – all is aimed to indulge the clients into happiness.
We say “No” to minimalistic or pretentious skincare. Fun, colorful and sophisticated –
this is the spirit of Henriëtte Faroche!”

Henriette Spitters
Founder of Henriëtte Faroche


Together we will make your Henriëtte Faroche distribution a success!