The treatments of Henriëtte Faroche can be completely adapted to your skin type. It is important that the skin is given step by step its perfect condition. You can easily do this by following the treatment plan of Henriëtte Faroche with your Henriëtte Faroche Beautician

Henriëtte Faroche offers a variety of treatments that can be tailored to the needs of the skin. As a result, your beautician has an unlimited choice of treatments.

For best results, we recommend the corresponding products for home use.  This allows you to achieve an even better and longer-lasting result of the treatments.


The treatments of Henriëtte Faroche can be divided into 3 levels, namely:

  • Hydrasence facial treatment
  • Matifiante facial treatment
  • Sensilence facial treatment
  • Collastine facial treatment
  • Brilliant facial treatment
  • Farorisan facial treatment
  • Active Age anti-rides facial treatments
  • FaroTherm facial treatment
  • Vitamine C facial treatments
  • Protection & anti-ageing mask

1 Basic treatments

Hydrasence basic facial treatment

This treatment for dry to very dry skin hydrates and nourishes the skin. This promotes and restores cellular metabolism. By improving the cell structure, excessive moisture loss is prevented. The soothing and protective products used in this treatment keep the skin in optimal condition.

Matifiante basic facial treatment

This treatment for impure/oily skin provides a deep cleansing to make the skin receptive to the further regenerating and soothing treatment. Impurities and excess sebum are removed. It soothes and hydrates the skin.

 Sensilence basic facial treatment

This treatment for sensitive to very sensitive skin provides a protective effect against external influences. It promotes the recovery of the skin and has a moisturizing effect. In addition, the skin is softened so that red spots disappear and are less likely to occur.

2 Optimised treatments

Collastine facial treatment

This treatment for mature skin has a constructive effect, ensuring that the collagen makes the skin supple and resilient again. With early treatment, the formation of wrinkles can be considerably slowed down and existing wrinkles can be softened. The face regains elasticity and the complexion becomes radiant.

Active ingredient: Solube collagen. Strengthens and restructures the elastin fibres.


Brilliant facial treatment

This treatment with vitamin E products is especially for the skin that needs more intensive care. This nourishing and protective treatment ensures that the skin becomes supple, firm and elastic again. The microcirculation is improved which contributes to a radiant complexion. This treatment is often applied to skin with telangiectasias.

Active ingredient: Tocopherol acetate (vitamin E): regulates grease and moisture. It fights the influence of the harmful effects of free radicals.


Farorisan facial treatment

Fruit acids stimulate cell renewal. If your skin shows some (subcutaneous) blockages here and there or if your skin has a pale appearance, a fruit acid treatment is ideal. Especially after a winter period or when you are dealing with hormone problems, this is an effective treatment. Even more when you support the treatment at home with the Farorisan 24-hour cream.

Active ingredient: mix of fruit acids; Citrus limonum (citric acid), Ananas sativus (pineapple acid), Passiflora quadrangularis (passionflower extract), Vitis Vinefera (grape extract). Fruit acids promote the removal of dead skin cells and thus let young skin cells come to the surface. They intensively clean the pores and stimulated the generation of collagen.


3 Specialised treatments

Active Age anti-rides facial treatment

Active Age anti-rides facial treatment

Skin-proper substances can penetrate deeper into the different skin layers. In this anti-ageing treatment, we work with products that contain ceramides. These ceramides are skin-proper substances, which stimulate the formation of collagen in the skin from within. Collagen strengthens the skin. The treatment is ideal for mature, sagging skin.

Active Age anti-rides facial treatment with Caviar Fleece mask

A treatment specifically for dehydrated skin. This treatment uses a fleece mask. This fleece mask has strong moisturizing properties and consists of pure ingredients, namely collagen and caviar extract. The collagen and caviar in this mask also provide intensive skin strengthening. This treatment is also ideal for oily/impure skin.

Active ingredient: ceramides. This ensures that the skin’s own carrier fills the spaces between the cells in the corneous layer. They maintain the moisture level and provide an even skin relief. Ceramides penetrate into the dermis where the production of collagen is stimulated. This reduces wrinkles and prevents sagging.

FaroTherm modelling facial treatment

The FaroTherm Modelling mask is a very special mask that is very suitable to restore the moisture balance of the skin. Due to the heat that is created, the active ingredients from the products that were applied under the mask are optimally absorbed by the skin.

For all skin types, with the exception of very thin skins and skins with telangiectasias, active acne and rosacea. It stimulates the blood circulation.

This treatment uses a FaroTherm modelling plaster mask. Due to its closing and warming properties (maximum 45 ˚C), this plaster mask provides a deeper absorption of the active ingredients that are applied underneath. With the right application method, this mask also works as modelling for the skin.

Ask your Henriëtte Faroche Beautician for the contraindications.


Vitamine C facial treatments

Vitamine C facial treatment

The Vitamin C treatment has an intensive nourishing and moisturizing effect on the skin. Vitamin C stimulates cell renewal in the skin. Vitamin C also works more than vitamin E as a protector against free radicals.

Vitamine C lift-off facial treatment

Dermatologists have agreed for years that water is the most important component of the skin. Water ensures that the skin retains its youthful appearance. The Spa Vitamin C lift-off treatment uses a mask that completely hydrates the skin. Within a few minutes the mask becomes a fine rubber layer which will tighten the skin. This makes this treatment very lifting and soothing.

Active ingredient: Sodium ascorbyl phospohate (vitamin C). Most stable form of vitamin C that will only work when it is absorbed by the skin. Vitamin C helps to stimulate collagen formation and further provides a vitalizing effect.

Protection & anti-ageing facial treatment

This mask is specifically designed for mature skin. As one ages, the skin slackens, causing wrinkles. The skin relief and pores become coarser. Due to lack of moisture in the epidermis, the skin shows cracks.

The rich ingredients with cranberry, strawberry, raspberry and blackcurrant serve as multivitamins for the skin. The red fruit has a high dose of antioxidants, which protect the skin against free radicals and delay skin ageing.

This Protection & anti-ageing mask is the perfect peel-off mask to combat skin ageing. After application, the structure changes to a rubbery mask, making it completely removable as a kind of second skin.