Ref. 11555 Intense Vitamin repair ampoules

Ampoules & Serums

The ultimate addition to your beauty ritual is the ampoules and serums with active ingredients.

Use them alone or in combination with a mask or cream.

The ampoules and serums from Henriëtte Faroche contain ingredients that are also found in its creams, but on a much more concentrated basis. They are packaged smaller than a cream because you only need a few drops of the product for your skin. In addition, a serum often contains more active ingredients, to tackle specific skin problems. The ampoules and serums of Henriëtte Faroche serve as a complement to your daily facial care.



  • Intense Lifting gelée royal ampoules
  • Intense Vitamin repair complex ampoules
  • Intense Multi hydrovital ampoules
  • Intense Jojoba & Vitamine E Vitalizer ampoules

You can use an ampoule if you think your skin needs a little extra. If desired, use it under a mask for a super boost.

You can easily break open an ampoule with a tissue. After cleansing, apply the entire contents of the ampoule over your face, neck and décolleté and massage gently. You can apply a mask of your choice over it. You can remove the mask with a lukewarm compress (face towel) or rinse with lukewarm water. If you only use an ampoule, you don't have to remove it. Close your beauty ritual with a 24-hour cream of your choice.



  • Hyposence Calming serum - Sensitive skin
  • Caviar Derma Concept Lifting serum

You can use a serum more often. Think for example of a treatment of one week.
After cleansing, apply a serum to the skin in the morning and/or evening, then finish with the corresponding 24-hour cream.

Together with your Henriëtte Faroche Beautician, you can discuss which ampoule or serum is best suited for your skin.