Ref.11050 Integral eye make-up remover

Facial cleansing

A good cleansing of your skin is very important for getting and maintaining a beautiful skin. But not every skin is the same, so get good advice on which products to use for your skin.

Cleansing your face is a daily ritual. In the morning you will freshen up your face to prepare yourself for a new day. With or without some make-up on, you start your day.

During the day you pick up a lot of dirt that can clog your pores. Make-up also contributes to this. Although make-up nowadays also contains nourishing and protective ingredients, you will have to remove your make-up every day. It is important that you cleanse your face thoroughly every night and prepare it for the night. The next morning you will start again to keep your skin in good condition.

Henriëtte Faroche offers a wide range of cleansing products. Together with your Henriëtte Faroche Beautician, choose the best products for your skin.


Befor the cleansing; wash your hands

We sometimes forget, but a good facial cleansing starts with clean hands. Thoroughly wash the dirt on the fingers, the palm and under the nails.


Cleansing for the eyes

  • Intégral Remover – For eye make-up
  • Intégral Dual-phase waterfproof remover – For eyes

The Intégral eye make-up removers are suitable to gently and effectively remove eye make-up. They are the first step in your beauty ritual. They have refreshing and moisturizing properties and soften the skin. Also suitable for sensitive skin.

The Dual-phase is especially suitable for removing waterproof eye make-up and does not leave an oily layer behind. This remover is also very suitable for removing long lasting lip make-up.

For the eyes, take a moist cotton pad and apply the remover. Pat the lashes briefly. Then gently remove make-up from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner of the eye.

For lips, apply the Dual-phase remover to a damp cotton pad and pat lips, then gently wipe them off.


Henriëtte Faroche cleansing milks and foam

  • Hydrasence Cleansing milk – Dry skin
  • Matifiante Cleansing foam – Oily skin
  • Sensilence Cleansing milk – Sensitive skin
  • Brilliant Cleansing milk – Devitalised skin

Moisten your face with lukewarm water and apply the milk or foam to your face with slightly rotating movements. You can also gently rub the eyes to remove any remover residue.

Clean your face with a lukewarm compress (facial towel) or use two cotton pads.


Henriëtte Faroche lotions and tonic

  • Hydrasence Lotion – Dry skin
  • Matifiante Tonic – Oily skin
  • Sensilence Lotion – Sensitive skin
  • Brilliant Lotion – Devitalised skin

Then apply the lotion or tonic with a cotton pad to the face, neck and décolleté.

The lotion refreshes, relaxes and promotes skin hydration. It activates the blood circulation and regulates the secretion of grease. It removes the last residues of cleansing milk and restores the skin’s pH value.

The tonic removes residual impurities and ensures optimal degreasing and refreshment. It restores the skin’s pH value.


Your face is now ready for the next part of your beauty ritual.