For mature skin and skin that needs more care, there is the Brilliant series, enriched with vitamin E. This skin type is often very sensitive to atmospheric influences such as sun, wind and cold, but also to soap and alcohol. The skin often shows dilations of the superficial capillaries called telangiectasias. These dilated capillaries appear as fine red threads through the skin and need to be protected very well. Because this skin type often has a low ability to retain moisture, the corneous layer quickly becomes dehydrated. Thanks to the nourishing and protective effect, the skin will become firm and elastic again.

For home use, the series consists of a 24-hour cream and a Faromatique concentrate. For the cleansing of your skin, you can use the cleansing milk and lotion.

To give your skin an extra boost, we recommend the products from the Intense series.


Brilliant salon facial treatment; level 1 basic treatment

This treatment with vitamin E products is especially for the skin that needs more intensive care. This nourishing and protective treatment ensures that the skin becomes supple, firm and elastic again. The microcirculation is improved which contributes to a radiant complexion. This treatment is often applied to skin with telangiectasias.


Henriëtte Faroche products for home use

  • Cleansing milk - devitalised skin
  • Lotion - devitalised skin
  • 24h cream - devitalised skin
  • Faromatique Brilliant concentrate - devitalised skin
Henriëtte Faroche Brilliant 2
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Ref. 11045-Brilliant-lotion
Ref. 11230 Brilliant 24h cream
Ref. 11525-Faromatique-Brilliant