The Farorisan cream is specifically designed for mature, pale skin that shows some blockages here and there, for example due to hormonal factors. The fruit acids in this cream improve skin condition and hydration. Cell renewal is stimulated so that subcutaneous blockages are solved more quickly.

The Farorisan 24-hour cream is available for home use.

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Farorisan salon facial treatments; level 2 optimised treatment

Fruit acids optimised facial treatment

Fruit acids stimulate cell renewal. If your skin shows some (subcutaneous) blockages here and there or if your skin has a pale appearance, a fruit acid treatment is ideal. Especially after a winter period or when you are dealing with hormone problems, this is an effective treatment. Even more when you support the treatment at home with the 24-hour cream.

Diamond film mask facial treatment

The skin has (temporarily) poor circulation, a lack of vitamins and lacks the energy to perform its functions properly. The Diamond film mask ensures that the skin is well hydrated and better able to retain moisture. The treatment ensures a healthy, fresh and vital appearance.


Henriëtte Faroche product for home use

  • Farorisan 24h cream - tired skin



Henriëtte Faroche Farorisan
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Henriëtte Faroche Farorisan
Henriëtte Faroche Farorisan