The Hydrasence series is specifically suitable for dry to very dry skin. This skin type has fine, barely visible pores and quickly shows a tight feeling. As a result, the skin lacks elasticity and reacts directly to free radicals to which we are exposed on a daily basis. The thin corneous layer is unable to retain water, which means that it is always dehydrated. For home use, the series consists of a Hydrasence 24-hour cream and a Hydrasence Faromatique concentrate. For cleansing your skin, you can use the Hydrasence cleansing milk and lotion. To give your skin an extra boost, we recommend the products from the Intense series.


Hydrasence salon facial treatment; level 1 basic treatment

This treatment for dry to very dry skin moisturises and nourishes the skin, promoting and restoring cellular metabolism. By improving the cell structure, excessive moisture loss is prevented. The soothing and protective products used in this treatment keep the skin in optimal condition.


Henriëtte Faroche Hydrasence products for home use

  • Cleansing milk - dry skin
  • Cleansing lotion - dry skin
  • Faromatique Hydrasence concentrate
  • 24h cream - dry skin
Henriëtte Faroche Hydrasence
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