The Matifiante series is specially designed for oily/impure skin. This skin type shows excessive sebum secretion due to excess sebum. Shiny skin, dilated pores, skin irritations and pimples are a result. This type of skin requires intensive and consistent care.

For home use, the series consists of a Matifiante 24-hour cream and a Matifiante Faromatique concentrate. For the cleansing of your skin, you can use the Matifiante cleansing mousse and tonic.

To give your skin an extra boost, we recommend the products from the Intense series.


Matifiante salon facial treatment; level 1 basic treatment

The treatment of impure/oily skin provides a deep cleansing to make the skin receptive to the further regenerating and soothing treatment. Impurities and excess sebum are removed. It soothes and hydrates the skin.


Henriëtte Faroche Matifiante products for home use

  • Cleansing foam - oily skin
  • Tonic - oily skin
  • 24h cream - oily skin
  • Faromatique Matifiante concentrate – oily skin
Ref. 10023 Matifiante Mousse
Ref. 11025-Matifiante-Tonic
Ref. 11210-Matifiante-24h-cream
Ref. 11515-Faromatique-Matifiante
Henriëtte Faroche Matifiante