Henriëtte Faroche bases its philosophy on 3 pillars:



If you look at our cheerful bottles, you would never imagine how much work was needed. It requires very serious and advanced science to make our formulas.

We always work with two guidelines:

  • To enhance the active ingredients and properties of our natural substances with the latest scientific technologies;
  • We believe that not all chemical ingredients are good for our skin. We only use safe and proven ingredients that our skin actually needs.



The Netherlands is the world’s number one producer and exporter of plants. We devote care and pay attention to discovering new natural ingredients with amazing properties. In addition, we look for ways to get the best out of them in our formulas.


In a world of excess chemicals, we are inspired by the opportunity to offer skincare products made from natural, super-effective ingredients. Natural oils, plant extracts, herbs and vitamins - we make sure they all work for the beauty and health of your skin.


In a time of constant pressure and lack of time, it is now more important than ever to de-stress and relax. Our velvety formulas, subtle delicate fragrances and youthful, clear, cheerful designs - everything is designed to let you, the customer, enjoy your skincare. Whether it’s a salon treatment or your own moment in the morning and evening for yourself and your skin.



Henriëtte Faroche products and treatments

Would you like to know how to purchase your favourite Henriëtte Faroche products? Or would you like to know at which salon you can make an appointment for one of the many treatments?

Then use the Salon Locator to find a Henriëtte Faroche Beautician in the Netherlands. If you prefer to find someone in your area, contact the nearest dealer to find a salon. The Salon can give you extensive advice about the different product series and which products best suit you.

Ordering on the web shop for salons

Henriëtte Faroche is a brand of Dancohr Corporation B.V. On the web shop of Dancohr, you can easily buy all products and have them delivered. Once you start with Henriëtte Faroche you will be like a Henriëtte Faroche Beautician. You receive a personal login for the web shop which gives you access to your own account and shopping cart and allows you to easily replenish your stocks.


What else can you find?

  • Promotions; the bi-monthly promotions and promotions for special occasions.
  • Brochures; the Henriëtte Faroche consumer brochure.
  • Price lists; for both purchasing and the recommended retail price.
  • Downloads; of brochures and marketing material.
  • Events; overview of activities of Dancohr and its brands.
  • Product training; especially for Henriëtte Faroche Beauticians.
  • Training manual; as a reference for all products and treatments for Henriëtte Faroche Beauticians.
  • Dancoin’s loyalty programme; explanation of how it works.

All Henriëtte Faroche products can be found on the web shop with the corresponding information such as use and ingredients.

If you want more product information, you can find it in your Henriëtte Faroche Training Manual.


You are not using Henriëtte Faroche in your salon yet? Then get acquainted and request a sample package.