The philosophy of Henriëtte Faroche

Henriëtte Faroche; The power of nature

Henriëtte Faroche is a professional Dutch skincare brand, inspired by nature and science. The driving force behind Henriëtte Faroche is the ancient science of pure products in combination with the latest and most modern insights in skin care. Our knowledge is supported by the science of growing and processing plants and flowers into powerful active formulas.

The extensive skin care line offers products for every skin type. Moreover, many special care products from the Intense series can be used in addition to every product series.



The salon treatments of Henriëtte Faroche


The treatments of Henriëtte Faroche are completely adapted to your skin type. It is important that the skin is given step by step its perfect condition. You can easily do this by following the treatment plan of Henriëtte Faroche with your Henriëtte Faroche Beautician.

Henriëtte Faroche offers a variety of treatments that can be tailored to the needs of the skin. As a result, your beautician has an unlimited choice of treatments.

For best results, we recommend the corresponding products for home use.  This allows you to achieve an even better and longer-lasting result of the treatments.


The treatments of Henriëtte Faroche can be divided into 3 levels, namely:

  • Hydrasence facial treatment
  • Matifiante facial treatment
  • Sensilence facial treatment
  • Collastine facial treatment
  • Hyposence facial treatment
  • Brilliant facial treatment
  • Farorisan facial treatment
  • Active Age anti-rides facial treatments
  • FaroTherm facial treatment
  • Vitamine C facial treatments
  • Protection & anti-ageing mask
  • Caviar Derma Concept facial treatment

Home care from Henriëtte Faroche

Henriëtte Faroche products for home use fit perfectly with the treatment provided by your Henriëtte Faroche Beautician. By means of a skin analysis, your Henriëtte Faroche Beautician can determine exactly which products are suitable for your skin type and best achieve their goal.

A cream is never just a cream. Every skin is different and needs its own specific treatment and adapted products. A good daily care will keep your skin in good condition. You can also pamper your skin by using special products that are tailored to the products for daily use. On this website, you will find the relevant recommended care products per skin type or per series.


Enjoy the products of Henriëtte Faroche and relax!


The Salon Locator

Henriëtte Faroche offers a wide range of treatments and skin care products.
Your Henriëtte Faroche Beautician can provide personal advice based on a skin analysis.
Whether it's about the best salon treatments or which home products are most suitable for your skin.

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