The Hyposence series is a skincare line specifically developed for sensitive skin. This skin type can react more quickly to external influences and must be protected against influences such as sun, heat, cold, dry air, air pollution and many other factors. The skin is thin and fine in structure and can therefore feel tight and show redness.

The products do not contain any colourants or other potentially irritating ingredients. They contain a hypoallergenic fragrance and a paraben-free preservative (phenoxyethanol).

For home use, the series consists of a 24-hour cream, a serum and a peeling. You can use the hydrophilic oil to cleanse your skin.

To give your skin an extra boost, we recommend the products from the Intense series.


Hyposence salon facial treatment; level 2 optimised treatment

The Hyposence treatment is specially developed for sensitive skin. The skin will be optimally hydrated by the Hyposence products. The skin structure is improved, and it becomes soft and supple. The treatment provides a clear and radiant effect.


Henriëtte Faroche products for home use

  • Hydrophilic oil - Sensitive skin
  • 24h cream - Sensitive skin
  • Calming serum - Sensitive skin
  • Peeling - Sensitive skin
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Ref. 11290-hyposence-24h-creme
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Henriëtte Faroche Hyposence