Wrinkles, dryness wrinkles, but also pigmented patches make the skin look older. A consistent, even skin tone makes the skin look fresher, more energetic and younger. The Blanchess line by Henriëtte Faroche is designed for antiageing and reduces and prevents pigmented patches. The result of treatment of pigmented areas depends greatly on the nature of the condition. The products from the Blanchesse line can be used to treat current areas of discolouration and prevent new areas from appearing while enhancing the overall skin tone. As a result, the skin will look fresher and younger.


For home use there is the Blanchesse 24-hour cream, the Blanchesse lifting serum and the Blanchesse Spot corrector. Also there is a special Blanchesse Hand cream developed. In addition to the cleansing products in the Intégral range different cleansing products are available that have been designed for your skin type. Products from the Intense range are advised to give your skin additional stimulation.




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